DJG Consulting is a boutique Recruitment Advisory firm specialising in just two areas:

Secretarial & Support

Investment Banking

Since our launch in 2011 we have been building a reputation based on being able to do what we say we can do: find the best possible candidates for our clients. In fact our aim is to provide the best possible service to both clients and candidates. When you work with us, you will be working with experienced, senior professionals who understand your business and understand how to successfully lead a recruitment project.

We are a young company competing in a crowded market. We therefore have to be very good at what we do to stand out. As a small, highly specialised firm, we approach every recruitment project with a total commitment to achieving a successful outcome. We are confident that once you have worked with us once, you will want to do so again.

Our objective remains simple: to always provide our clients with access to the best people for the positions you are looking to fill. We are experts in identifying not only candidates with the specific skill-sets required, but also take great care to ensure there is a perfect fit in terms of personality and company culture.

 We are flexible. We provide a bespoke service, adapting our methods to suit you. We aim to build long-lasting partnerships. We work on a retained or non-retained basis and can provide solutions for permanent positions (CDI) or fixed-term contracts (CDD).

We are innovative. We don’t just rely on the usual channels to find our candidates. As a client, you will generally not be aware of how we find people, but we leave no stone unturned. We are looking for people that are going to make a huge difference to your business, so we know how important it is to get it right. We apply the same rigorous Search techniques to every job we work on, Secretarial & Support jobs , M&A jobs or Private Equity jobs.

David Greaves

Managing Director

David Greaves

22 Rue Alphonse de Neuville 75017 Paris France

DJG Consulting 22 Alphonse de Neuville 75017 Paris

I created DJG Consulting in 2011. I had been working in London and then Paris for larger international companies, and I wanted to create a boutique firm which would reflect my two main areas of expertise: Recruitment for Secretarial & Support roles and Executive Search for M&A.

I believe that there is a place in the market for a specialised company that can offer clients a high-quality, bespoke service. I am not trying to reinvent the wheel, but I do feel strongly that there is a good and a bad way of doing things. It is not a numbers game where you throw as many CVs as possible a client’s way until hopefully one of them sticks. It is a skilled service industry.

My interest in M&A and Private Equity began in London, where I was lucky to work in a company that gave me the opportunity to pursue and develop it. Early on in my career, whilst working mainly on Secretarial & Support roles, I made it my business to specialise in this area. It was a natural progression to start working on executive and investment professional roles in the same sector. For me, one specialism led to and now complements the other.

Educated in the UK, Germany and France, I first came to Paris to study at the British Institute in Paris (now ULIP) in 1997, returning in 2009 to live here permanently.

Outside of work I play cricket for Château de Thoiry CC and MCC. If I could spend all of my free time wicketkeeping, I probably would. With two young children however, a boy and a girl, it doesn’t always seem reasonable to disappear for days at a time to play cricket. So other, less time-consuming interests include trying hard to get my black belt at judo (watch this space), and running. As well as having run a few marathons, I think I might actually be the first and only person in the world to have run the entire length of every Paris metro line, end to end. I even did the tiny little ones, and the ones that split into branches I did twice.

I can be contacted on 0033 (0)1 76 71 05 19 or at


A selection of companies that David has successfully recruited for: