Making your next Career Move the right one

DJG Consulting is dedicated to helping you find the ideal role in the right company for you. We specialise in Secretarial & Support jobs, and Investment Banking jobs. You may have been contacted by us out of the blue, and be here to find out more about what we do. Or you might have heard of us and be considering getting in touch. However you have found us, we would like to help you if we think we can.

During the initial meeting with one of our consultants, we will really try and understand your career aspirations and what makes you tick. Our objective will only ever be the same: to ultimately present you with opportunities that not only match your skills and experience, but are also within corporate cultures that will suit you as well. We know our clients well, and by finding our more about you, we should be able to help. Together we can create a plan to make sure that your next career move will be the right one.

Job Descriptions

If you are considering a career in Paris our job descriptions outline required skills, employer expectations & projected salaries:

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Candidate Panel

The Candidate Panel allows registered candidates to manage all their data (sent applications, resume, bookmarks, change passwords and delete account).

Secretarial & Support Jobs

Our Secretarial & Support Division is made up of extremely experienced and knowledgeable consultants. We work on a wide range of jobs: PA, Executive Assistant, Bilingual Assistant, Office Manager, EMT (English Mother Tongue) Assistant, Receptionist, Communications, Marketing & Events Assistants, to name but a few. What makes these roles so challenging to recruit for is that CVs and Job Descriptions rarely tell the whole story.

At DJG Consulting we pride ourselves on matching people to companies, not just skill-sets to jobs. The right cultural fit between the candidate and the client is an absolute imperative. This is why we spend time with you, our candidates, to understand not only what you can do and where you have been working, but to understand the type of company that would suit you best for your future move, where you will be happiest, where your strengths are going to be the most appreciated. We will want to know where your professional interests lay, what your career aspirations are, where you see yourself in the future. What kind of corporate environment or company culture is going to suit you best? Where will you best be able to fulfil your potential?

Investment Banking Jobs

Our Investment Banking Division recruits mainly for positions from Analyst 2 and above. We currently work with M&A Boutiques, international Investment Banks, Private Equity firms of all sizes and sectors, and also industrial clients. We focus on jobs within the Paris region, but we find that our candidates come from across Europe. We work primarily on M&A jobs, Private Equity jobs and Corporate Finance jobs.

We will take the time to really understand what kind of company will suit you best. Not every corporate culture is the same, and this is as true in Investment Banking as in any other sector. Also, not everybody is looking to move for the same reasons. You might just want more money, but it is more likely that your main motivational and professional drivers will not just be financial. You might be looking to specialise. You might be looking for more managerial responsibilities. You might have aspirations to work on larger or more international deals. You might even be looking to move country. Whatever your motivations, they will be unique to you. We will take the time to discuss them with you so that we can help you achieve your full potential in your next move.

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Office Manager
Polyvalent Assistant
Bilingual Executive Assistant
Marketing & Communications 
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M&A Analyst
M&A Associate
M&A Manager / VP
M&A Associate Director
M&A Director
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Private Equity

PE Analyst
PE Associate
PE Investment Manager
PE Investment Director
PE Investor Relations
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Corporate Finance

Business Analyst
Corporate Finance Director
Transaction Services
Real Estate 

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