At DJG Consulting we will do our utmost to offer sensible and constructive career advice based upon our many years of experience working in the recruitment industry.

During the initial interview process with one or more of our recruitment consultants, as well as talking about your CV we will spend time trying to understand what your professional motivators are. We will discuss together your strengths, what you enjoy about your work, how you would like your career to evolve, and the best type of corporate culture to suit your personality. Ultimately we want to know where you see yourself in the future, and then we can offer the career advice to help you plan how to get there.

We are not going to write your CV for you, and we aren’t going to turn you into something that you are not. We will also not try and shoehorn you into a job that does not suit you.

During our career advice discussion, we will aim to find out everything we need to know to be able to recognise your ideal job when we find it. We will only call you about jobs that we feel are right for you personally. One size does not fit all.

Once we have identified the right opportunity, we are experts in helping you prepare in the best possible way for your interviews. In fact, we will be able to support you through the entire hiring and joining process.

Job Descriptions

If you are considering a career in Paris our job descriptions outline required skills, employer expectations & projected salaries:

Click here to view all our current Receptionist and Executive Assistant jobs in Paris.

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Investment Banking Jobs

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Corporate Finance, Private Equity. Generalist roles + TMT, Real Estate, Distribution, Healthcare, Food & Beverage, Financial Services. Analyst level through to Associate, Manager, VP, Associate Director & Director. Our clients are based in Paris. Our candidates can be from anywhere: Paris, London, Europe, The World.

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Secretarial & Support Jobs

Roles we recruit for include Executive Assistant, Office Manager, Personal Assistant, Bilingual Assistant, English Mother Tongue (EMT) Assistant, Team Secretary, Receptionist, PA to CEO, Polyvalent Assistant, Marketing & Communications Assistant. We have recently completed recruitment projects for Private Equity, Investment Banking, Luxury Goods, Law, Management Consulting, Insurance, Retail.